Why A Trucker Should Consider Installing an Espar Heater

Winter can be long, cold and miserable in many states across America. For short periods of time, it may be fine to go without adequate heating in your vehicle. However, if you need to take long hauls, the last thing you want to do is to make yourself unnecessarily uncomfortable on the road. At CTSK, our pros recommend you consider installing a heater. We offer the perfect solution - an Espar heater for sale at any of our locations and online will easily meet your most stringent demands.

Why Choose an Espar Heater?

Spending long winter nights sleeping in your cab can be comfortable if you have an Espar heater. This brand remains popular among hard working truckers for several significant reasons:

  • Size: Airtronic or Hydronic, Espar heaters are compact and lightweight
  • Comfort: A warm cab allows drivers to get the sleep they need to function effectively and safely
  • Vibrations: Espar heaters operate vibration free, improving the chances of a sound sleep
  • Quiet: Not only do Espar heaters operate without vibrations, but they are also very quiet too
  • Fuel Consumption: They utilize only a fraction of the truck’s fuel
  • Emissions: Emit substantially fewer emissions making them environmentally responsible
  • Speeds: Different speeds provide ranges in comfort levels
  • Idling: Espar heaters eliminate idling which increases wear and tear on the engine
  • Engines: Less wear and tear results in improved longevity and lowers maintenance costs
  • Safety: Espar heaters have built-in safety measures

By considering an Airtonic or Hydronic Espar heater for sale, a trucker improves comfort in the cab or cargo hold in colder environments. Installing this type of heater makes complete economic sense.

Espar Heater for Sale

An Espar heater does not come with your vehicle. It is an add-on. However, if you are a long distance trucker, it is a necessary accessory. At CTSK, we offer an Espar heater for sale suitable for your needs. Call us today to learn more (888) 566-5743.