CSTK Kansas City Now Offering Hyundai Heavy Equipment

CSTK Equipment in Kansas City is now a distributor for Hyundai construction equipment, including wheel loaders and excavators. Hyundai heavy equipment offers quality, durability, and value for the construction industry and other operations. Below are some of the more popular Hyundai wheel loaders and excavators now offered at CSTK Equipment.


HL900 Series Wheel Loaders: Hyundai HL900 wheel loaders, like all Hyundai equipment, are built to perform to meet the toughest expectations and quality standards the job requires. The Hyundai HL9000 wheel loader series delivers as much as 5-percent greater productivity and 10-percent lower fuel consumption than previous models. All Hyundai loaders come equipped with an integrated on-board auto weighing system, accurate to within plus or minus 1%. Other standard features include a unique bucket design for better load retention, and free use of Hyundai’s Hi-Mate cellular based remote management system for five years.

Hyundai HL900 series wheel loaders are available in a standard, Z-bar linkage configuration or in XT (extended-reach) versions for applications that require greater reach and higher dump heights. The top-selling Hyundai HL940 wheel loader delivers maximum performance, productivity and efficiency for many applications. If you need the versatility of a tool-carrier design, Hyundai offers two models with its Tool Master boom design: the HL940 and HL955. These Hyundai Tool Master models offer parallel linkage for increased lifting capacity, longer up time, improved load stability, rapid dumping capability and enhanced visibility.

Hyundai wheel loaders are well-equipped to serve agriculture, forestry, landscaping, mining, municipalities, highway construction, snow removal, and other industries.

Hyundai Excavators

Hyundai construction equipment is precision designed with trusted and proven components and systems from leading OEM’s. Hyundai excavators are known for fast cycle speeds, impressive hydraulic power and precision control. The robust upper and lower frame structure can endure external shock and heavy workloads for many thousands of hours. With a complete line of compact, crawler and wheeled excavators, Hyundai equipment is well-suited for agriculture, excavation, landscaping, municipalities, paving, utility, railroad, and other applications.


R35Z-9A Compact Excavator: Hyundai 9A series compact excavators bring big power to small spaces. The R35Z-9A is designed to be rugged and reliable for longer up time, reduced operating cost and improved productivity. Each Hyundai 9A excavator model features a Tier 4 Final engine that provides impressive performance and reduced fuel consumption. These compact excavators are equipped with hefty power, along with a durable build and reliable operation.


Heavy Line HX Crawler Excavator Series: The Hyundai HX excavator series is designed with the operator in mind. A key feature of the new operator’s cab in each HX series excavator is the convenient clustering of electronic controls and monitoring functions, resulting in improved operator accuracy and efficiency. The Hyundai HX excavator series also features eco-friendly, high-performance engines that meet Tier 4 Final emission requirements. The HX series boasts the Hyundai-exclusive AAVM video camera system, which provides the operator a 360-degree field of view on the monitor, greatly contributing to work site safety. Part of this system includes IMOD (Intelligent Moving Object Detection), which alerts the operator to the presence of people or objects within a 16 foot (5 meter) range of the machine.

CSTK Equipment in Kansas City also offers machines from JCB, Avant, ASV, Massimo and more. Contact us now to learn more about construction equipment options for sale, lease or rent in the Kansas City area.