Aftermarket Heating & Air Conditioning Options from Red Dot

CSTK is well-known as one of the largest Thermo King Dealer networks in the country, but did you know that we also offer aftermarket heater and air conditioning units for a variety of vehicles and heavy equipment? CSTK is a Red Dot distributor and installer, offering Red Dot HVAC units, parts, A/C parts, installation, repair and service.

Bulldozer HVAC Heater Air Conditioner for Heavy Equipment and Construction Vehicles

Red Dot, a trusted name in HVAC technology, manufactures heating and air conditioning systems, components, and aftermarket parts for heavy-duty vehicles and equipment. Red Dot designs and builds HVAC products for construction equipmentfarm machinerymilitary vehiclescommercial trucks, and vehicles used in miningemergency servicesmotor coaches, and other heavy-duty applications. As a Red Dot dealership, CSTK offers an unmatched selection of units, parts, and other components for Red Dot HVAC units, and can outfit a multitude of vehicles with off-the-shelf or custom-built heating and cooling options. CSTK can professionally install your Red Dot unit, as well as offer repair, service and maintenance for Red Dot products.

Bus and Cab Aftermarket Heater and Air Conditioning HVAC systems for vehicles from Red DotCSTK offers off-the-shelf Red Dot solutions, including rooftop, headliners, backwall, ducktables, underdash heaters, condensers, and Hydraulic compressors.  We offer a range of products and systems through our network of independent warehouse distributors who can help you choose the right solution for your vehicle specifications, cab space, and application. Available off-the-shelf configurations include rooftop, headliners, backwall, ductables, underdash, condensers and hydraulic compressors. Please note that all options may not be available for all vehicles; ask a CSTK rep to learn more about available options for your application.

In addition, CSTK offers Red Dot's comprehensive catalog of all-makes and private-label replacement parts for mobile heating and air conditioning systems. Available parts include compressors, clutches, heater coils, evaporator coils, fittings, controls, blower motors, receiver driers, condensers, hoses, filters, service parts, and more.Red Dot HVAC Aftermarket Heater and Air Conditioning Solutions for many vehicles and equipment

If you are in the need for a heater or air conditioner for a truck, bus, tractor, crane, or other vehicle, CSTK can help with off-the-shelf and custom HVAC solutions engineered specifically for your vehicle type. Contact one of our twelve locations to get more information on solutions for your vehicle and application. You can also view some of CSTK’s Red Dot air conditioning and heating options on our website.