Save on Fuel Costs with the Strehl TrailerBlade Trailer Skirt

If you are looking to reduce fuel costs and emissions for your fleet, you may have considered adding side skirts to your tractor trailers. Mounting trailer skirts on your fleet trailers can lead to a cut in fuel consumption and emissions of up to 15%, according to a study by Science Daily. CSTK offers several aerodynamic trailer skirting options. The Strehl Trailerblade ranks near the top in independent fuel savings tests, and is the only four-way adjustable sideskirt on the market.Strehl TrailerBlade tractor trailer skirt skirting options

A typical tractor trailer in standard service can easily save 600 gallons of fuel a year with a standard trailer skirt that yields 4% fuel savings. The Strehl TrailerBlade can dramatically increase on these savings with fuel savings of 7.15% achieved in the EPA-verified, SAE J1321 Fuel Economy Test.  With TrailerBlade side skirts, you can expect to save even more money per year on fuel costs compared to other skirt options on the market. You can check out the savings for yourself using our Strehl TrailerBlade Fuel Savings Calculator.

The TrailerBlade design boasts a ten year life cycle, and is constructed for maximum durability as well as fuel savings. The upper skirt is made with an LDPE core laminated between architectural-grade polyester-coated galvanized steel, making the skirt extremely flexible. The material used in the upper skirt also matches the material used in trailer construction. The lower skirt is made of vulcanized plastic (TPV), an incredibly tough rubber compound which offers stiffness for aerodynamics, as well as flexibility for control. The material is extremely rugged: the lower skirt retains its fuel savings rigidity in temperatures over 200°F, yet it is flexible enough to pass over obstacles in temperatures as low as -40°F. An additional design feature is the lower skirt’s 25” high ground clearance, minimizing the possibility of ground damage. The patented mounting strut system is made of steel, with pivot and articulating action. This four-way adjustment not only prevents damage, it ensures a perfect installation without vibration every time, on any trailerStrehl Trailerblade Trailer Skirt. The slim profile of the strut design is also self-containing, eliminating the build-up of ice, snow, mud and other road debris on the undercarriage of the trailer skirt.

Trailer skirting can be expensive, especially if you are considering outfitting your entire trailer fleet with skirts. Strehl’s TrailerBlade is the only side skirt built entirely from proven materials already found in tractor trailer construction. This makes damage repairs easy to complete. Despite the high-quality construction, the TrailerBlade is one of the lowest-priced trailer skirt options on the market.Not only is the Trailerblade an economical choice, it is one of the most durable. With its modular design, you can replace components when damaged instead of the entire side, saving money on service costs. TrailerBlade’s exclusive four-way adjustable design makes installation easy, and a typical installation only takes about two man-hours to complete.

CSTK offers trailer skirting options like the TrailerBlade at any of their twelve service locations. Do you want to learn more about TrailerBlade? Be sure to download our brochure for more information, or you can ask an expert at CSTK to answer any questions you have on our other trailer skirt options.

Strehl TrailerBlade Trailer Skirt Skirting for Tractor Trailers