Prepare Reefer and APU Units With CSTK's Winter Service Checklist

Fall is upon us, and winter is rapidly approaching: which means your cooling demands wane in the lower temperatures. However, as the weather turns, it is important to service your reefer fleet in preparation for the winter months. Here’s a quick checklist from CSTK to help your fleet prepare your Carrier and Thermo King units for the cold weather ahead:

Reefer Unit Cold Weather Maintenance Checklist:

Winter Service & Parts for Thermo King & Carrier Units & TriPac APU

  • Heating Capacity Test: Ensure your unit will prevent your load from freezing on the coldest days of winter.

  • 3-Way Valve Operation Test: Make sure your reefer will shift between cool, heat and defrost modes when the temperature drops.

  • Inspect And/or Clean The Fuel Pre-Strainer

  • Check The Engine Coolant And Antifreeze Protection

  • Drain Water From The Fuel Tank: This preventive care is important, as it keeps your fuel line from freezing, which can lead to the shutdown of your unit.

  • Check The Fuel Tank Vent: Make sure that your reefer unit receives adequate fuel flow in dynamically changing climate conditions by performing this maintenance.

  • Inspect And/or Clean The Fuel Transfer Inlet Strainer: This check is important to verify the unit receives adequate fuel and runs efficiently.

  • Change ELC (Red Engine Coolant) Every Five Years, Or 12,000 Hours

  • Replace The Fuel Return Lines Between Injection Nozzles Every 10,000 Hours

  • Inspect The Battery Terminals And Electrolyte Levels: This ensures that the battery as well as its connections and cables can withstand a harsh cold-start environment in winter temperatures.

  • Inspect The Wire Harness

  • Belt Tension Check: Ensure your reefer belt is in good shape to prevent your unit from breaking down. Breakdowns are more common in colder temperatures.

  • Check Operation Of The Damper Door

  • Inspect The Alternator Wire Connections

TriPac APU Cold Weather Maintenance Checklist

Thermo King TriPac APU Winter Service

Since its introduction, the Thermo King TriPac APU system has become the number one auxiliary idle reduction APU system in the industry for its support, fuel savings, and seamless operation. Here are a few tips to help get your Tri-Pac APU serviced and ready for winter:

  • Replace The Heater Fuel Pump Screen

  • Replace The Heater Glow Pin Screen

  • Check The Heater Glow Pin

Please note: these services and inspections should be ONLY be performed by qualified service professionals. Contact CSTK’s service department to set up a time to get your reefer unit and/or APU ready for the winter season at one of our 12 service locations in Kansas, Missouri, New Jersey, Oklahoma, or Pennsylvania. Is your operation equipped to winterize your fleet? No problem. CSTK’s team of Thermo King Parts experts can get you the Thermo King or Carrier parts and service kits you need to perform your needed winter maintenance in-house.